High Ropes Course

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Push Your Comfort Zone With Base Camp Challenges! Our Indoor High Ropes course offers two levels of adventure approximately 13 feet and 26 feet off the ground with 14 different elements to challenge each and every participant. Elements include bridges, cable walks, swinging boards, rope crossings, and a cargo net. Experiencing the High Ropes will help individuals challenge themselves, overcome barriers and expand their comfort zone. For a real challenge, attempt the course blindfolded, carrying a cup of water or tethered together with a friend.

Rock Wall

Rock Wall.jpgReach new heights on our Rock Wall! Our 30-foot indoor rock wall is the only one of its kind in the area, featuring life-like rock features that will help stimulate real climbing adventure. Team Belay tactics are featured to help participants work together as a team while focusing on trust. With 10 routes and an open wall traverse, there is enough wall to fit everyone's needs and abilities. For an added challenge, attempt climbing the wall blindfolded, backwards, holding tennis balls, or all three!

Team Challenge Structure

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Challenge yourself to succeed through teamwork!
The Team Challenge Structure focuses on challenging participants individually while working together as a team. At over 25 feet tall, numerous activities can be experienced while participants work on healthy risk taking. Reach the top through wooden ladder climbs, and once you are there you can attempt the dual cable walk, the wooden bridge, the Landslide activities, and the Superman Zip. When it's time to come down, why not take a leap of faith with our Quick Descend!

Ground Initiatives

Classroom Image.jpgExperience group success through ground challenges!
If experiencing the high elements isn't up your alley, we can fulfill your needs through our Ground Initiatives. Offered both indoors and outdoors, we have any level of action with hundreds of activities to meet any focus or goal. Participants will rely on one another to accomplish certain tasks using leadership, communication, problem solving skills, and more. Activities range from a few minutes to a few hours, all customized to fit the schedule and needs of your group!

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